We are both dog lovers and have spent many years working in rescue.  We would like to see all dogs provided with good homes and whilst we realise that this is an impossible dream, this page is our attempt to contribute towards it.  If you need to rehome a dog, please contact us, preferably with a photograph, and we will put details on this page.  If you are able to offer a home to a dog featured on this page, then please contact us.

Please note:  For reasons of public safety, all dogs offered for rehoming will need to be assessed by us and all potential homes will be subject to a home check. For these reasons this service has to be limited to Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

We do not wish to profit from this service but a minimum donation of £50 will be requested on successful rehoming.  This will be used to set up a “kennelling” fund which hopefully will enable us at a later date to take emergency cases into care by placing them into boarding kennels.




Shep, Dotty and Molly have all been rehomed.  

Vinnie and Ozzie have been rehomed.

Astra has been rehomed.

Jenny and Ron have been rehomed.

Pip's owners have decided to keep him.

Max has gone to a rescue for rehoming.

Sophie now has a lovely new home.

Missy has gone to a labrador rescue.

Tilly is now happy and much loved in a new home.

Tony now has a lovely new home.

Thank you for your interest in all of these dogs.




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